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Impact is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 27 (Loved Movie Star).
She is mainly know for MSP related offsite things and her room.


According to her profile she takes interest in gaming, photoshopping, blogging, web designing, and google. You're most likely to find her somewhere offsite as she seems to put her focus on those activities. She is sometimes seen in the forums normally posting helpful hints or tricks although has created a few polls and forum games.

Usual Appearance and StyleEdit

Impact stands out from most with a different type of green/blue eyes and a set of pink lips. She has never been known to wear any form of makeup with the exception of her themed looks.
In her regular looks she can normally be seen wearing neutral or calmer colors. However she often puts out themed looks which vary in color and type.

Movies, Artbooks, and MoreEdit

Impact mainly has short movies but also has three installments in a series called "LOL Smile".
Her artbooks tend to be made for holidays, events, and more rarely for for personal things, sharing, or updates.
She also has a level 10 retired pet, making her pet rather high up on the highscores board. This has resulted in her room rather becoming popular with over 5,000 loves.

Outside of MSPEdit

Impact is very active in the outside community of moviestarplanet owning two blogs and various social media accounts linked with them.
Some of her offsite posts consist of things about or personal to her, although many of them include MSP related memes, jokes, tips and tricks, and art or graphics. She is also known for coming up with few quotes, one of her more famous quotes being "If you think you're above your fans, you don't deserve any.".

She states in a artbook of hers that these are her only offsite accounts.
Tumblr | Secondary Tumblr | Twitter | Youtube | Google+ |


  • She planned to use her youtube channel for various types of videos but was unable to as she had issues with her video editor.
  • She has made many thumbnails on twitter. Though she doesn't currently offer a way to request these images.
  • She has another MSP account under the username "Impactionable", however she is currently using it as a private account.
  • She almost always starts her status with "►Fav. AB has offsite info".
  • She currently has more room loves than profile views, with her profile views rounding at 4,000 and her room loves rounding at 5,000.