Welcome to the forums!

Hello there fellow moviestars and contributors.
As of today our wiki forums have opened!
Please review the forum policies before posting.

I've put together a little Q and A for your curiosity.

If it's not answered here you can ask below!

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Why aren't there any general discussion boards?
Those types of boards are tricky. However, there are plans to add them in the future once more of the wiki is completed and the forum activity is monitored
Are community updates going to be posted here?
Some will be, but the blog post space offers a lot more so you'll still mainly see them there.
How come only the staff noticeboard has that special layout?
Because the rest of the boards will need more time before they require such a layout.
Where can I go to find help about doing ____ on the forum?
Right now, you'll need to ask an admin or go to the help center. Forum-related guides and information will be added in the future.

Enjoy the forums and happy editing!